Service Optimization and Predictive Maintenance

In today’s markets, it has never been easier to build hardware and electronics, yet making a profit has never been more difficult. The world is becoming an increasingly competitive place and only companies capable of setting themselves apart from the competition with software and services will survive and flourish.


Providing high value after-sales services for maintenance, service, and reliability is one area which, if done correctly and in time, ensures a distinct competitive advantage.


We have developed specific implementations of Service Optimization and Predictive Maintenance for several fortune 500 companies and have in-depth knowledge of the data ingestion, data engineering, data storage, advanced analytics, optimization, process optimization, scheduling, and integration required to build such a solution. Our technology expertise spans SAP HANA, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Hadoop, and much more, which uniquely positions us to support your development efforts regardless of the technology stack or core ERP solution.