SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC) Add In’s

One key factor to successfully launch new products or services is to manage costs in a transparent and easy way. The SAP solution “Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC)” makes it possible to calculate costs for those very early in the product life cycle and helps to make the decision criteria very transparent. Moreover, it creates detailed cost estimates to identify savings even before the design starts and swiftly identifies cost drivers along the entire lifecycle.


Gain visibility across teams, proactively manage costs, and support new product innovations and customer-specific engineered products with the SAP Product Lifecycle Costing solution. Together with our Add-In Framework for PLC and our standardized delivery approach we have the perfect fit for your needs.


Introduction of new software solutions to your business always has the risk of buying a pig in a poke. Our standardized delivery approach based on proven best practices minimizes this risk. By running a completely transparent project with the continuous involvement of all stakeholders and via short delivery life cycles, you can achieve fast results and an early ROI.

PLC: A New Approach to Streamline Costs Across Your Product Lifecycle - Get started in 3 steps

Key Features

Via the provided Add-In capabilities of SAP Product Lifecycle Costing your lifecycle costing capabilities can be optimized even further. Based on our functional and technical expertise we have developed add-in tools and extensions that complement the SAP standard solution with further useful functionalities. In addition, we continuously identify more and more potentials for new solutions together with our customers and SAP Standard Development.

Technical Summary

All EXA PLC Add-In’s can be used with the latest SAP PLC on-premise release (currently 3.0). A downgrade to previous release needs to be checked on request.

The standard delivery approach for PLC is independent from technical prerequisites.

Solution Overview