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Easy & accurate Product Lifecycle Costing

One key success factor when launching new products or services is to make cost management simpler and more transparent.

The SAP solution “Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC)” enables you to calculate cost at an early stage of the product life cycle and provides transparency in the decision-making process. Moreover, it creates detailed cost estimates to identify savings even before the design starts and swiftly identifies cost drivers along the entire life cycle. Together with our add-in framework for PLC, we have the perfect fit for your needs.

Simulation Cockpit

In the typical manufacturing (Automotive / Discrete / Others) organization, cost of the product is a prime factor. Every organization is continuously trying to optimize the cost of the product, cost of production, cost of procured items, cost of innovations, cost of technology advancement etc.

While all being (as said above) is being achieved with the consistent effort all across from the organization, it is important and inevitable to know the impact of such change on the overall cost.

While SAP PLC (OOTB) provides you the capability to plan the cost of the product and its lifecycle during the production as well, it however does not give the opportunity to simulate the cost based on various factors, such as Raw material price variations, Make or Buy decision, Intra company production decision, Efficiency improvement etc.

Therefore, a capability to simulate the current v/s potentially new cost is must for an organization to plan the cost impact in advance to avoid any failure to launch new product on time, complete the overall production on time, and achieve the minimum delta in planned v/s actual cost of the product.

Simulation Cockpit allows your organization to simulate multiple costing scenarios to arrive at the best/optimized cost of the product – before committing valuable resources.

Key Features

Embedded in PLC and PLC look alike UI

PLC Native framework

Thereby compatible with newer PLC versions


Easy selections of various calculations

(Individual / project based)


Easy filter

For selection based on active / frozen version

User friendly creation of simulation criteria

and saving the simulation criteria locally, which can be shared with other users



Easy & intuitive simulation of price / cost


Cost Impact analysis in the event of commodity price impact


Easy analysis for the various quotation costing by exchanging / replacing the alternative items


Effective make / buy decision making by exchanging the plants & vendors


Easy simulation of cost based on the exchange rates / currency type

Import Master Data

While SAP PLC (OOTB) has a seamless integration with SAP ERP to replicate all required master data to SAP HANA, however often customers are lagging in maintaining all the required master data in ERP and it lies most of the time in shared network drives and or in MS excel or in legacy system. This master data mostly relates with the Material & Activity and their prices.

Our addin gives customer an opportunity to bring all these kind of master data from locally maintained and or other legacy system to the system-based master data through excel upload capability to SAP HANA,

Key Features

PLC Native framework based Addin

Compatible with all versions of PLC

Any Master Data with its description can be uploaded together

Thereby compatible with newer PLC versions



Easy & fast upload of master data to SAP PLC / HANA


Creation / Update of Master Data all possible master data which is required for PLC to perform the costing

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