Product Configurator

Do your customers request more and more bespoke solutions and highly-customized products?

Are you struggling to manage this increasing number of product variants?

Are you looking for solution components which will help you to manage your new product developments and variants from the outset?

We have the answer: EXA Product Configurator solutions

Your Tailor-made Solution for Managing High-variant Products

SAP PSM (Product Structure Management) is the perfect tool for building and controlling engineering BOMs and product structures with high variance even in early development phases. It supports modular design thinking and provides a flexible and easily extendable data model. SAP PSM allows free structure modeling: No material master or document is required to define a BOM in the beginning. Nevertheless, it can be easily enhanced with document information from CAD systems via SAP ECTR and material master data in subsequent process steps.

Our team has developed additional features and functions that supplement the standard PSM solution. Our add-ons help you gain greater control over variants from the outset. Together with you, we can identify the suitable solution components and adapt them to your business case and specific requirements.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Product Variant Manager
    Instead of using the standard user interface within the PSM module, EXA has developed a more user-friendly user interface for occasional users such as application engineers. It helps you to manage your platform structures, individual configurations, and information about changes in your product structures from a single user interface.
  • Usage of SAP BRF+ framework for high level configuration
    Instead of using SAP standard dependency knowledge, such as pre-conditions and selection conditions for high level configuration, EXA’s solution provides an option to use the SAP Business Rule Framework (BRFplus) to describe dependencies among characteristics and values. SAP BRFplus offers a powerful way to define exclusions, derivations, and value settings in an easy-maintainable framework. EXA provides consulting and the technical integration of SAP BRFplus into SAP standard variant configuration in PSM.
  • Fuzzy Configuration Logic
    Wouldn’t it be great to see your configuration result even if you have not yet evaluated all required characteristics? With the new EXA solution, you can do precisely this.

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Reference Ray Fischer


Program Manager

Product Configuration Process

BorgWarner TurboSystems Engineering GmbH


The EXA product configuration tool (‘Turbo Customizer’) fits exactly our need for a flexible/scalable presentation platform for releasing and tracking preferred component solutions throughout the product lifecycle.  The fact that at its heart it uses an iPPE and PSM-based ‘core’ reduced both complexity and development cost, and beyond that went a long way in ensuring compatibility with other iPPE/PSM functions and features which we also wanted (object links, filters, simulation, classification-integration etc.).

The WEB-based front-end provides a comfortable, easy-to-use interface for application users who can flexibly start and end their configuration process at any point in the product layout process (for any component or sub-assembly).  It’s open format allows them the ease and flexibility to configure with whatever parameter data they have available and due to the fuzzy logic output structure still get a result.  Our technical experts REALLY appreciate the open approach and they use the tool A LOT both as a reference data source and for development phase tracking and development benchmarking purposes.

Platform engineers and product managers in our organization (the ones responsible for maintaining the configurable product structures) are also coming to see the value of having such a tool more and more over time.  This is because as ever more components are ‘taken over’ in to the existing configurable structures, designers become more creative in terms of output objects (new documents/drawings, new text variants, or simply classic SAP material masters).  The upcoming integration of a classification-based limits and characteristic report will allow us offer even more benefit to our application users, as they get even more deeper and complete technical information to their configuration solution.

It truly is a highly effective and flexible tool for communicating the best state-of-the art solution (and tracking history) between product development and application specialists.

Our project with EXA was very well managed and our continuing joint work with them is intensive and highly focused.  EXA colleagues take time to listen and are very careful to ask about how the final result must look and feel before they start development work.  They communicate clearly when something technically is not feasible or out of budget and suggest effective alternative solutions when a particular change or solution is too complex or unworkable.  I highly recommend EXA as a development and project partner.  They see your success as their success.