Process Control

One of the biggest challenges in the standardization of business processes is striking the right balance between control and flexibility.

Our Process Control solution masters this in a powerful and user-friendly way. It has never been easier, more efficient, or more flexible to implement a high-end solution for process control.

Mastering the Tightrope Act

EXA Process Control is a powerful, yet user-friendly enhancement of SAP PLM 7.x Engineering Record (SAP ER) and is designed to standardize business processes while providing an optimal balance between control and flexibility. The solution, which is highly configurable and flexible, renders intricate development unnecessary. No matter how complex your business processes are, IT administrators can define and change them, or create ad-hoc tasks themselves. All workflows can be easily adapted to your business rules and processes with just a few clicks and with no programming.

  • Predefined processes, together with the option to create ad-hoc steps, means maximum flexibility of your standardized processes
  • The simple configuration of complex processes with no need for development takes usability to a new level
  • The automatic agent determination with integrated authorization control allows you to assign and control tasks efficiently

Benefits of Process Control

EXA Process Control will increase your productivity significantly through its three major strengths:



  • Task-specific interfaces in the SAP Engineering Record guide the users
  • Special work-related functions, such as “Postpone”, “Back to Inbox”, and “Not Responsible”, give the user a variety of useful processing options
  • The solution determines agents and tasks automatically according to their metadata
  • Easy document handling enables the end user to assign documents with just a few clicks


  • Processes and process variants can be easily configured and changed by the EXA Process Configuration Workbench and SAP BRF+
  • Predefined processes can be extended ad-hoc by the end user
  • The version control of process workflows allows users to change processes without impacting any workflows currently in process

Traceability and Transparency

  • The EXA Process Overview feature presents all task-related information, such as agent, decisions, digital signatures, and time stamp. This guarantees traceability and transparency of all processes and components.
  • What’s more, every time a new process is set up via Process Control, its implementation time and costs are drastically reduced.