Emerging Issue Detection (SAP HANA-PAL/R)

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Guided analytics for Service & Warranty Management

Warranty costs for manufacturing companies range from 2% to 7% of annual revenue.
(Warranty Week)

Imagine a guided analytics platform which combines “Internet of Things” (IoT) type data from your products, text service claims from your technicians/dealers, and warranty claims data from your ERP/after-sales systems. Can you see how easily you could detect significant issues sooner, trace root causes of warranty spend, or identify the range of potentially impacted products?

We have the answer: SAP HANA-based EXA Emerging Issue Detection Platform.

Learn from the past and control your present & future

Our Emerging Issue Detection platform bridges the chasm between yesterday’s BI reporting, today’s self-service dashboards and tomorrow’s predictive analytics.

The Retrace-Analyze-Control principle of our platform enables you to optimally cope with product issues and alerts, resulting in a significant decrease in warranty costs.

Emerging Issue Detection enables data traceability from the end customer through to the factory process, enabling you to isolate the origin of the product or part failure. The platform combines harmonized machine data, ERP data, as well as service and claims history into one analytical framework.

The Emerging Issue Detection platform gives you the power to optimize your processes by determining patterns and validating hypotheses using advanced reporting capabilities and data analysis.

Key Features and Benefits


Pre-built, HANA-based framework for guided analytics


Strong out-of-the-box analytical capabilities

including fuzzy text matching, guided search, and pre-built dashboards


A solid foundation for advanced predictive analytics

based on HANA-PAL (Predictive Analytics Library) or HANA-R integration


Data model to combine

machine/sensor data, warranty and service claims, as well as other relevant ERP data


Interface for visual analytics tools

such as Tableau or SAP Lumira


Evidence package

a user and case-specific combination of data, charts, and results which can be used for further offline discussions or detailed deep-dive analysis


Modern SAP UI5-based interface

Customer Success Story

American producer of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery with locations and production around the globe

Key Challenges


Use of vehicle telematics data as well as service and warranty claims for early issue detection


Easy-to-use platform which allows engineers and analysts access to self-service analytics


Workflow and data integration capabilities beyond what commercial off-the shelf self-service analytics tool vendors offer today

Outcome and Benefits

Identify relationships between telematics alerts, service claims, and resulting warranty payments

Identify issues early on which will result in warranty payments while significantly lowering warranty costs

Enable business users to better discuss the impact and priority of each issue based on thorough evidence packages

Balance the flexibility and openness of a self-service analytic tool with the complexity of advanced analytical algorithms without a steep learning curve for the business users


Data integration is the key to success in Emerging Issue Detection, as well as in any analytics project dealing with disparate data sources.

This Whitepaper discusses various approaches and provides practical advice and Best Practices.

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