Easy Document Access

Managing various types of documents in an efficient and integrated way is one of the key factors for a successful operating company. SAP Document Management System (DMS) is one central component within the ERP which meets these complex requirements.

Our solution Fiori DMS Access provides you an easy-to-use and flexible user interface to search documents within your SAP system and enables you to access the attached originals directly with your mobile device or browser.


Using modern UX design principles, SAP Fiori delivers an intuitive way of implementing new applications which can be tuned to the way users actually work. With our solution Fiori DMS Access we provide a consumer-grade user experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices to access all kind of documents stored in you SAP system. Various customizing options and the possibility to be device independent will improve all your business processes where document management is involved and boost your user adoption.

Customizing Possibilities

You can customize your new Fiori application to define several sites to access your documents. For each site you can:

  • Define specific search parameters such as document, classification and object link data
  • Filter content based on document types, status and application type
  • Design the user-interface by providing a site banner and managing sort order, label or position of your search parameters

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