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Easy Document Access everywhere, always

Managing various types of documents in an efficient and integrated way is one of the key success factors for any company. Our Easy Document Access solution provides an easy-to-use and flexible user interface which allows you to search for documents within your SAP landscape and access originals directly from any device.

What drives our customers to try something new?


Replacement for SAP’s outdated easyDMS

EXA Easy Document Access provides an easy-to-use, and flexible user interface to search documents within the SAP landscape enabling you to work with originals directly using any device


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Profit from a best-practice maintenance model, and free internal capacity to concentrate on value adding tasks


Become a successful operating company

Managing various types of documents such as engineering or purchasing in an efficient and SAP-integrated way is one of the key factors


Customer Co-Innovation

Ensures continuous functional and technical improvement of our solution


A future oriented IT solution

Uses latest technology trends based on SAP HANA ready architecture, and a modern FIORI user interface

Device Independent

Solution Highlights

Modern UX design

based on SAP FIORI with powerful frontend customizing possibilities

Device independent usage

via various web browsers or mobile devices


Access and work with SAP easyDMS structures

  • Optional integration possibilities for other SAP structures containing document information like Bill-of-Material (BoM) or project structures
  • Support for Digital Signature
  • Integrated document viewer (in-place viewing)
  • Maintenance of Document Info Record (DIR) with functionalities like Status Change, Create Version, Upload Original, Delete Original and Create DIR

Generic Document Search Environment

  • Completely customizable search parameters based on document meta data, classification data, object link information or customer specific attributes
  • Definition of various different search portals dependent on customer and process needs, without development effort
  • Integration options for non-SAP systems

SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)

enabled access to enable working in a collaborative environment

Direct integration

of SAP GUI transaction CV01N, CV02N and CV03N in FIORI user interface to reuse all functions available via SAP GUI

Solution Impressions


Head Solution Competence Center PLM
Corporate Information Technology
Carl Zeiss AG


The EXA Easy Document Access (EDA) solution fits exactly our need for a flexible replacement of current SAP Easy DMS functionalities. We have been investigating the market for any SAP Easy DMS replacement and the EXA solution has proven to be the most elaborated one which is available.

The modern FIORI front-end provides a comfortable, easy-to-use interface for our users who can flexibly upload and change documents in a folder-based structure. The App works really well with our customization and changes on the document process from the SAP back-end. Beside well-known standard SAP DMS functionalities also additional functionalities like status change for multiple documents are supported. An easy-to-customize search frontend completes the EXA Easy Document Access solution.


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