Digitization of Paperwork & Natural Language Processing (NLP) (Open Source)

Conventional paper, MS Excel and MS Word form usage is still a challenge, as companies use thousands of paper sheets and Microsoft documents in service & maintenance, field and warranty management day in, day out. Free text information about condition of assets has rarely been considered for analytics given for instance the difficulties in creating reportable sentiments.

Working with our customers, EXA came to understand that some customers seek an overall solution bundle and others are looking for individual advanced analytical micro services to be integrated in a flexible way with existing warranty, service & maintenance, field management software and databases.

Digitization of paperwork & natural language processing is prerequisite to open new business case solutions such as Emerging Issue Detection and Reliability Care including Predictive Maintenance.

Solution and Benefits

You can get started fast with EXA pre-built solutions based on cost effective Open Source technology, use minimum necessary feature set and gain trust to solutions. Building a business case by creating a minimal viable product (MVP) has never been easier.

Digitize your data and make it available for Advanced Analytics including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI

  • Digitize your paperwork by generating digital forms for use on mobile devices
  • Design digital report templates for service&maintenance, warranty claim reporting using EXA Report Template Wizard APP analyzing existing MS Word & Excel forms
  • Simple, fast inspection and processing of data using EXA Report APP and connected Runtime Environment

Interface to warranty, service & maintenance, field management software and databases using APIs

  • Stream-process structured and unstructured/free text report data, warranty claim and social media data in near-real-time to your existing databases

Interface to near-real-time advanced analytic and text mining data streams (1)

Extract necessary master, reference data and relevant operational data from your warranty, service & maintenance, field management software or databases needed for advanced analytics to optimize service & maintenance, field and warranty claim management.

Business ideas come in all sizes and shapes. The EXA solutions approach allows for modular build-up and clients can integrate KPIs delivered by related EXA solutions:

  • Emerging Issue Detection (EID) and
  • Reliablity Care (RC)

to gain in-depths insight about your asset’s condition, importance, risk/health. Calculate & export asset advisory lists to optimally schedule, prioritize spare part and repair management, efficiently plan the right tasks at the right time needed by your work force.

EXA-APPs und Runtime Environment to digitize paperwork can be used integrated as standalone solution as well as part of a larger EXA-Solution Bundle.


Design Report Templates

Form Extraction

Use Report Template Wizard APP to automatically extract report structure, field names, types from existing MS Word/Excel forms and make available for further editing.

Template Design and Creation

Create a template completely from scratch, change category names, field names, field types and make fields mandatory are some of the functionality offered in a wizard-like approach.

Inspect, using Report App on Mobile Device (Tablet, iPad)

Search, upload templates to device, enter structured data, free-text report data and more.

Apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Advanced Analytics (1)

Use pre-built AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Text Mining (NLP, Document Classification, Topic Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, …) – Pipelines to process structured and unstructured/free text data. (2)

Integrate with processed machine sensor data, build a set of KPIs integrated within an overall analytical asset model, query and analyze.

(1) Available with integration to solution bundle “EXA-Emerging Issue Detection and Reliability Care”

(2) Also available as individual big data advanced analytics and text mining micro service via API

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