Decision makers need access to real-time information on demand. This needs aggregation of large amounts of data from disparate sources, followed by analysis and what-if simulations.


SAP HANA steps in to address this challenge! Using pioneering in-memory technology, HANA can manage data on a large scale, with real-time access and immense flexibility, while simplifying the IT landscape and reducing costs.


EXA has led the way with HANA usage. Our close collaboration and co-development with SAP AG helps us remain at the cutting edge, when it comes to new innovations in HANA or HANA Cloud.

EXA experts have proven to our clients that we are capable of helping with almost any aspect of a HANA project, be it the overall HANA project lifecycle, deep technology skills like ABAP on HANA or helping with special solutions like managing unstructured data.

EXA can guide you in your migration to a HANA-based platform. We have helped organizations cope with the changes imposed by HANA. These areas include assessing current capabilities, identifying gaps, developing a future-ready roadmap, and closing these gaps to complete the solution.

HANA Core Competencies

We cover all aspects of SAP HANA related development:

  • We are covering setup, configuration and administration of SAP HANA infrastructure as well as ETL and Hadoop scenarios (big data)
  • Development of optimized SAP HANA models, stored procedures & algorithms for efficient utilization of SAP HANA DB features
  • Implementation of advanced statistical algorithms for Predictive Analysis as well as making use of HANA’s advanced text analytics & text mining capabilities.
  • Creating an intuitive user experience based on the latest UX standards such as SAP UI5/Fiori or open source frameworks like AngularJS. This is based on HANA XS and XSA technologies, SAP Gateway or Java to create the ODATA or REST services
  • ODATA and REST service development based on HANA XS and XSA technologies, SAP Gateway or Java

HANA Cloud Platform

HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) and HANA Cloud Integration (HCI): For customers not planning to invest in on-premise HANA appliances, we have experience and expertise in SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAPs HANA Cloud Integration technology.

Besides being a fully managed HANA on Cloud, HCP also offers integration with other SAP and non-SAP cloud services to be integrated in e.g. one analytical application on cloud.

SAP Cloud for Analytics – built on HCP – aims to overcome the challenge of point solutions and data silos in Analytics. With our broad Analytics experience and deep HANA expertise we are helping our customers to realize more value in less time with that new, cloud-based approach to analytics.


In decades SAP Business Suite Systems have grown and been extended with customer specific programs, partner solutions, custom transformations in SAP BW and a multitude of other developments. Regardless if large-scale custom solutions or small user-exits, when migrating to Business Suite on HANA, every customer is facing challenges that custom solutions do not bring the expected benefits because the ABAP code is not using the full potential of SAP HANA.

At EXA we have a team of cross-skilled developers who know both sides – ABAP and HANA – and are specialized on adjusting and optimizing ABAP code for SAP HANA, pushing down performance critical operations into HANA procedures and as such helping you to make full use of the performance improvements with SAP HANA.

Your Partner for Big Data and in-memory

Regardless if you already migrated some of your SAP solutions to HANA or if you’re still in the evaluation phase, it is critical to have a strong partner for this journey. EXA is uniquely equipped to be your guide.