SAP Cloud Platform Application Development

The term Bi-Modal IT acknowledges the need for maintaining a stable SAP Digital Core using highly disciplined processes while at the same time applying agile techniques to rapidly and continuously develop new innovative services. These services need to provide a differentiation for your company and once they do, a fast response to providing the service at scale is required. A now well established approach to rapidly building an integrating new services is to leverage a cloud infrastructure.


SAP Cloud Platform is (SCP) rapidly becoming one of the most widely used infrastructures in the market today for the fast and agile integration of services. A recent study from DSAG identified a 31% market share, in the participating group; ahead of both Azure on 22% and 7% for AWS. Despite this strong result, resources experienced in SCP development and DevOps can be hard to find.


For customers not planning to invest in on-premise application hosting or HANA appliances, we have significant experience and expertise in application development and DevOps for SAP Cloud Platform and SAPs Cloud Integration technology.

Besides being a fully managed HANA on Cloud, SCP also offers integration with other SAP and non-SAP cloud services to be integrated in e.g. one analytical application on cloud. SAP Business Objects Cloud – built on SAP Cloud Platform – aims to overcome the challenge of point solutions and data silos in Analytics. With our broad Analytics experience and deep HANA expertise we are helping our customers to realize more value in less time with that new, cloud-based approach to analytics.

SAP Fiori Development

The Fiori developers at EXA have deep understanding of technologies and frameworks required for development and extensibility of all Fiori Archetypes (Transactional, Analytical, Fact sheets and Smart Business). At EXA we have expertise and experience with: Fiori 2.0 framework, SAP UI5 smart controls, Fiori Launchpad Configuration, Fiori Templates, SAP Fiori Plugins, SAP NW Gateway OData, Custom UI5 controls, CDS (Core Data Services).

Read more about the EXA Fiori offering.

SAP HANA Development

We cover all aspects of SAP HANA related development including: setup, configuration and administration of SAP HANA infrastructure as well as ETL and Hadoop scenarios (big data), development of optimized SAP HANA models, stored procedures & algorithms for efficient utilization of SAP HANA DB features, ODATA and REST service development based on HANA XS and XSA technologies, SAP Gateway or Java as well as the leveraging HANAs advanced statistical algorithms capabilities.


DevOps refers to a software engineering approach which combines the disciplines or Development (Dev) and Software Operations (Ops). Key skill sets include automation, monitoring, continuous delivery, test, quality and release management, infrastructure management, system optimization, fault tolerance and resilience. EXA DevOps enables you to focus on your core business.