S4/HANA Finance

Financial decision makers have to quickly process enormous amounts of data and perform complex analyses. Globalization and interlinked elements increase the complexity. Reporting must be available at the most granular level and on demand.

The critical need: an evolving enterprise-wide information source without any business interruption.


SAP HANA is a paradigm shift for the analysis of huge amounts of data. The in-memory technology makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively analyze large amounts of data. It simultaneously helps in reducing the cost of maintaining the IT landscape.

An important source for the enterprise-wide information supply or Business Process Management Platform is a holistic General Ledger and dedicated Subledger accounts within an ERP. The General Ledger maps the operative business processes as an information basis for operational activities. An integrated, uniform and extendable external and internal finance system maps all business transactions in the Journal and Subledger accounts.

A holistic Finance SAP HANA-based architecture delivers reconciliation-free transparency and eliminates materialized aggregates. This permits real-time navigation and real-time business insight into financial figures. SAP HANA merges On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) and On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), with corresponding cost and performance benefits.

SAP S/4HANA Finance offers a single source of truth across multiple accounting standards. The line item-based data model guarantees real-time integration by design. The line-item based data model traces financial postings to its original document. This is a fundamental principle for a Business Process Management Platform that includes compliance intelligence.



EXA Financial Management Transformation: Simple Finance Offering

Transition and Implementation of Modern ERP

Our financial consulting team will work with your stakeholders to transition to or implement the new SAP Finance portfolio comprising SAP S/4HANA Finance and Central Finance. These solutions rely on technology innovations such as SAP HANA (affecting performance & cost) and SAP Fiori (enriching the user experience).

Semantic Design of Universal Journal

EXA provides premium advisory services in designing and implementing a Universal Journal as the single source of truth integrating diverse documents. This supports unified financial and management accounting and parallel accounting via a single combined line item table.

Further, EXA can provide support in adapting the Universal Journal to specific reporting requirements using the built-in extensibility capabilities and extending customer-specific fields.

Flexible Reporting Options

Thanks to new capabilities in SAP HANA and the Universal Journal, you can now aggregate data on demand, with extensive drill-down options. EXA subject matter experts and their technical counterparts, in areas such SAP BI and SAP Fiori, will help deliver a world-class solution.