Manufacturing Analytics

Many areas of our lives have already been changed by the Internet of Things, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Companies still work in silos and  are still struggling to connect their corporate IT to their plants. What is missing is the shop floor to top floor integration, permitting drill-downs to carry out root cause analysis.


SAP HANA is one of the best platforms available today for connected manufacturing and logistics to gather, visualize and analyse manufacturing data. This information serves as a source for rule- and process-based actions. This data also forms the basis of both root cause analyses for exceptions, and for continuous improvement through identifying previously unknown correlations. This visibility allows you to determine precisely when & where to optimize production and logistics processes.


EXA offers Manufacturing Analytics services in the following 3 phases, tailored to the customer’s specific needs –

Data Fusion and Initial Insights

Collate a limited selection of data from various sources and gain insight about your production environment.

Advanced Intelligence

Insights from the previous phase are verified using a larger pool of data. Data can be combined in various ways and filtered for your requirements. Semantic search and other simple techniques are used to understand trends and issues.

Automated Analytics

The results from the previous phase are now implemented and predictive models are created to identify and predict failures. EXA merges strong domain knowledge in Manufacturing and SAP HANA expertise. This background combined with user interface technology skills (SAP Fiori) makes EXA your one-stop shop for Consulting and Development in Manufacturing Analytics.

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