Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Learning from your mistakes is not enough. Today, organizations need to apply Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that allow them to make smarter decisions based on predictive trends.


Predictive Analytics (ML and AI) uses a detailed analysis of historical trends and hidden relationships within organizational data to generate predictive views. It involves using technology and tested algorithms to identify data relationships that influence the most likely outcomes. The class of algorithms we apply spans Clustering, Decision Trees, Regression, Dimensionality Reduction, Ensemble, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning.


Technology advances in the ML and AI industry have brought Predictive Analytics to the forefront of data analysis, providing the deepest level of organizational insight. Our data scientists have the statistical background, knowledge and experience to design and implement sophisticated prediction models, bringing your organization to the most mature state of data-driven business, using open source technologies such as, Jupyter Notebook, R, TensorFlow, Spark, and Python. Our engineers are also skilled in the integration to SAP systems and the use of SAP analytics technologies such as the HANA integrated Predictive Analytics Library (PAL).

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