Design Thinking

Empathize to Implement – D-Think @ EXA

Every customer aspires for a human centric technology solution to unlock business potential.

Our dedicated design thinking practice (D-Think @ EXA) helps aspiring customers with a human centric approach to niche SAP solutions.

Our approach to Design thinking is depicted in the illustration:


Design Thinking: D-Think @ EXA


Our Design thinkers can collaborate with you to know how you think, feel and do (empathize). This becomes the cornerstone for our solution offerings in every area. We can Fiorify your user interface at our Fiori practice, or extend and customize apps with our Enterprise Mobility practice or solutionize your HANA deployment to create easy access to critical data.

We explore and disrupt conventional ways of framing problems and ideate extensively to give us a direction. We visualize scenarios of the future to design plans and develop scale-up models (prototypes). Our development methods are an amalgamation of Agile (as practiced in the EXA development methodology) with extensive collaboration with our D-Think practice.

Our scale up models provide us an opportunity to identify and include refinements for an optimal experience. Once implemented, we will help your teams create additional value (unlocking potential) while experiencing human centric solutions.

Why engage with D-Think @ EXA

  • Unique and dedicated practice for Design Thinking (D-Think)
  • Multi-disciplinary skills with all requisite skills
  • All our solutions include Design thinking as a standard practice
  • Our ability to empathize with customer and create solutions with a human angle
  • Our lineage with SAP gives our practice precious insights into customer thinking