Big Data and Advanced Analytics

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Turn data into an asset

Imagine taking all of your capabilities and converting them into knowledge. This information, encapsulating the historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, becomes an asset to your company.

With EXA Analytical Services, you empower everyone in your organization to have access to the information needed.

EXA combines leading analytics-based productivity solutions with well-established expertise in all aspects of an SAP technology centered architecture to help you develop your analytical capabilities along the typical maturity stages. Our consulting services will help you define your current and desired state and our implementation services will get you there.

Finally, our balanced on-shore/off-shore delivery model will give you the quality of a niche vendor combined with the cost structure of an Indian delivery model. This will also help to free up your budget spent on application maintenance services for innovation.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services

We develop business intelligence solutions based on your specific needs, while covering every stage of the software development life cycle — from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment, wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between global delivery teams.

BI & Analytics Consulting

Our Business Intelligence consulting focuses on the business benefit of our customers. Our in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, excellent process knowledge and broad technical experience will help you to design the best solutions for your business needs.

EXA supports the complete project life cycle to address all aspects of a successful BI implementation, starting from requirements analysis through solution architecture to implementation, including the back-end side as well as the front end and user interface.

Experienced project managers or SCRUM masters make sure your project runs smoothly and that time, cost and quality is under control.

Implementation Services

Data Integration

is the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of the data from various source systems into the business warehouse. We support the extraction from SAP systems via SAP standard or custom-built extractors, data replication via SAP SLT as well as the extraction from non-SAP systems (using SAP tools, such as SAP Business Objects Data Services or third-party tools like Informatica).


Data Marts & Data Warehouse

provide data which is optimized for analysis using queries, reports, or dashboards. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse InfoCubes store the data, which is then accessible via SAP Business Explorer (Bex) queries and/or various SAP Business Objects Tools, or even non-SAP tools like Tableau. With the increasing popularity of SAP HANA, we frequently build data warehouse solutions based on Virtual Data Models (HANA Live) in SAP HANA.


generates information from data, which can be formatted and distributed in the enterprise. Standard reporting is the basis for a successful BI strategy. We build your reports using SAP Business Explorer or SAP Business Objects Tools, such as Office Analysis, Design Studio, Web Intelligence, or Lumira, as well as non-SAP tools, such as Tableau.

Ad-hoc queries and analysis

enables users to answer questions independently without knowing the structure of the data source and without relying on predefined reports. We provide ad-hoc analysis through SAP Lumira, SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence, or Office Analysis, which helps your users to discover and explore data autonomously without IT assistance.

Predictive Analytics

Learning from your mistakes is not enough. Today, organizations need business intelligence processes that allow them to make smarter decisions based on predictive trends. Predictive Analytics uses a detailed analysis of historical trends and hidden relationships within organizational data to generate predictive views. It involves using technology and tested algorithms to identify data relationships that influence the most likely outcomes. Technology advances in the business intelligence (BI) industry have brought Predictive Analytics to the forefront of data analysis, providing the deepest level of organizational insight. Our data scientists have the statistical background, knowledge, and experience to design and implement sophisticated prediction models, bringing your organization to the most mature state of business intelligence using the HANA integrated Predictive Analytics Library (PAL), the open source standard “R”, or the end user friendly SAP Predictive Analysis tool.


Information Distribution

We also make sure that the right information gets to the right user e.g. by integrating your reporting solution into a SAP NetWeaver portal or by providing a mobile infrastructure for instant access to your data through your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

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