Big Data and Advanced Analytics

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Turn data into an asset

Imagine taking all of your capabilities and converting them into knowledge. This information, encapsulating the historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, becomes an asset to your company.

With EXA Analytical Services, harness the power of data to draw analytical insights and take informed holistic decisions.

Today, industries are transforming faster than ever, invariably making the organizations explore the long tail of Big Data Analytics. Together with our in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry and our expertise in Data Analytics, we provide you optimized cloud-based solutions like traditional EDW, BI, Data Lakes, Anomaly Detection, Prediction Modelling and AI & ML using emerging Big Data technologies.

Finally, our balanced on-shore/off-shore delivery model will give you the quality of a niche vendor combined with the cost structure of an Indian delivery model. This will also help to free up your budget spent on application maintenance services for innovation.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is imperative for businesses to not only enhance productivity and reliability but also create an invaluable asset for the company – data. This data can be analyzed further to gain critical insights and enable informed decisions.

EXA provides out-of-the-box experimentation and pathfinding solutions to digitize the operations while preserving fundamentals of the processes.

Our best in class technical and consulting expertise and cost effective POC models allow you to define, experiment and find the right digital solutions.

Analytics Consulting

Our Analytics consulting focuses on the business benefit of our customers. Our in-depth industrial and process knowledge coupled with broad technical experience will help you to design the best solutions for your business needs.

EXA supports the complete project life cycle to address all aspects of a successful Data Analytics implementation, starting from requirements analysis through solution architecture to implementation, including the back-end side as well as the front end and user interface.

Experienced project managers or SCRUM masters make sure your project runs smoothly and that time, cost and quality is under control.

Implementation Services

Data Integration

is necessary to leverage the spread of data across heterogeneous sources. Today, the confluence of mobile technologies, IoT devices, automation, cloud solutions and large data files have made this a challenging process.

EXA provides customer centric solutions by leveraging its own vertically and horizontally scalable data integration solutions using frameworks with multiple extensions and reusable components.

Tools: SAP Data Services, SAP SDI, Informatica PowerCenter, Sqoop, Pig Script, Apache Airflow, Luigi, Kafka, Spark Streaming


Next Gen Data Warehouse

Exponential growth in unstructured data, social media and server logs are forcing enterprises to look for modern Business Insight solutions.

Our data warehouse solutions encompass Big Data solutions and complement existing traditional and cloud based data warehouses to provide unified business insights.

EXA has expertise in designing Data Marts, EDW, Data Lakes, Dimensional and Data Modelling in SAP, Open Sources and Cloud Platforms.

Tools: SAP HANA, SAP BW on HANA, Oracle, Spark, PostgreSQL, ELK, mongoDB, MySQL, Cloudera, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Azure HDInsight


generates information from data, which can be formatted and distributed within the enterprise. Standard reporting is the basis for any successful BI strategy.

EXA helps customers build BI solutions that pull data from decentralized sources and aggregate it.  This enables building data relationships to recognize trends and anomalies, and take quick, informed decisions.

EXA provides cloud and mobile based solutions consisting of a unified reporting layer that can bring in data from different modules. This makes it easier to compare and/or establish correlation between the data sets.

Tools: SAP BOBI Suite, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Grafana, Kibana

Data Mining and Advanced Analytics

Today, with the emergence of new technologies it has become extravagant for customers to build digital transformation systems and evaluate their business needs.

EXA provides cost effective, lean solution frameworks to create prototypes helping customers quickly evaluate the potential of advanced analytics and data mining which eventually can be converted into products or solutions based on the business needs.

With domain expertise in Manufacturing, Finance and deep knowledge in Advanced Analytics, EXA provides industry specific analytics solutions.

EXA solutions adhere to the CRISP and STEM methodologies. We have expertise in Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Mining, Statistical Modelling, Text Mining, Anomaly Detection, Image Processing, Time Series Analytics and Signal Processing.

Tools: SAP Leonardo, MATLAB, SAP HANA Series Data Analytics, PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, Orange, KNIME, GNU Octave, OpenTSDB, Python, R, RNN, CNN, ANN, LSTM, Statistical Modelling (ANOVA, Weebly Analysis, Apriori Analysis), Time Series Forecasting (AR, ARIMA, SARIMA, XGBoost, Random Forest, Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine), Feature Engineering, Anomaly Detection, NLP, Azure ML

Stream Analytics

The increase in industrial IoT systems has led to increase in stream data. Capturing and processing this huge data for a real time decision making is a challenge.

EXA provides consulting enabling customers to build robust, reusable and scalable frameworks using Lambda and Kappa Architectures that can capture and process all these data streams to provide insights in real time.

Tools: SAP HANA Streaming Analytics, Kafka, Spark Streaming, Redis, Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics

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