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Building future ready custom applications

Organizations that use SAP constantly face a dilemma, alternating between an ever-expanding standard SAP solution set and a customized application environment. Individualized customer specific developments are needed to service unique business requirements.

EXA Application Development approach

EXA’s foundation for a strong edifice is built on our delivered track record and expertise in application development. Our founders and senior team members all have extensive experience in SAP custom development, product development, and services.

With this background we have delivered large engagements for diverse industry segments, such as discrete and process manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and others.

Our Application Development practice combines subject matter expertise and very strong technical skills. We have delivered solutions for niche areas in Finance and Manufacturing. However, we also address customer needs in traditional SAP business application areas. EXA’s Application Development methodology is a judicious mix of Waterfall and Agile software development practices.

Benefits of engaging with our Application Development team


SAP Custom Development lineage

of founding members and senior team members


Expertise in development of mission-critical and complex applications

to meet unique business requirements for leading organizations


Average experience of a team member is 10+ years


Proven track record

in using complex SAP frameworks and technologies for different platforms

Frameworks & Technologies

EXA differentiates itself from the playing field with its extensive expertise and experience in using SAP-delivered frameworks and the “Right” technologies.

Most of the new SAP solutions make extensive use of powerful but complex development frameworks. Understanding of these frameworks is a must for any changes or enhancements. Our skills in frameworks, such as Business Objects Processing Framework (BOPF), Service Provider Infrastructure (SPI), Floor Plan Manager (FPM), Business Rules Framework (BRF+), and Core Data Service (CDS), will help you save development time and offer out-of-the-box features, such as authorization and access control, low-level transaction handling, buffer management, provisioning of consumer API, or business logic orchestration.

With the help of SAP-delivered frameworks and our experience in implementing them, we have helped several global customers streamline their process and help get their products to market faster.

Moreover, our in-depth understanding and experience of new technologies, such as OOABAP, ABAP on HANA, Business Object Layer (BOL), New OpenSQL, UI5, and Fiori, enable us to increase the effectiveness of any custom solution developed at SAP.

Consequently, customers have started looking at the “first-time-right” design approach to build their custom solutions which will provide necessary features as below:

Scalability & flexibility

to adapt to changing business needs

Effective utilization of system resources

keeping in mind the cost of hardware


Lower maintenance cost

of the developed solution during its lifetime


of the solution with respect to end users


Project Manager
Global Program Management Office

EXA PPM is a unique solution that enables companies to establish a consolidated cost, profit and quantity perspective across the entire product portfolio within the product development, which is beneficial in multiple ways, but especially for consolidation and transparency purposes.


In our environment, the time to market is steadily decreasing while the amount of projects increases at the same time. A proportional increase of employees is not expedient. Hence, it is important to us to establish tools which make our processes leaner and easier to execute. By using the EXA-customized SAP PPM, we were able to create a solution which supports our employees to focus on their main task, developing innovative products and avoid spending their time by filling numerous different reporting slides.

Especially the management and supporting functions benefit from one reliable data source, which reflects all customer projects driven globally, on region or plant level across all customers. This comprehensive overview is absolutely unique and innovative and enabled through the EXA PPM solution.

The EXA team provided us with technical consultants that have a very high level of expertise and an eagerness to enable their customers success by supporting them extensively throughout the entire project. Their dedication and ingenuity made this project a success story.

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