Application Development on Cloud Platforms

The digital core solutions have been and will remain of critical importance to the core business functions of every enterprise. In the age of digitization, however, it has become imperative for organizations to build on the digital core to innovate and take the reach of the digital core to the larger enterprise and beyond. Companies are no longer focusing solely on core ERP products and are instead turning more to software/platforms which will help them on their digital transformation journey.

Transform Your Future Business as “Technology-driven enterprise”

With the co-existence of multiple platforms vendors (SAP, Microsoft, IBM, etc.) each providing their own unique advantage, the challenge facing businesses is to identify and position their investment to achieve the best returns. The key success criteria, which involves having the right agility, rapid prototyping and building of solutions, adoption by users and managing the scale, is of critical importance to reaping benefits for the enterprises.

EXA expertise can help you leverage your platform investments on SAP Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure to implement the key success factors and help realize your digitization vision.

With us, you can visualize the possibilities of building a solution that can drive new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and optimize cost, adding value to the business.

  • Adapt the agile approach to achieve rapid results and evolve in the right direction of investments
  • Emerge as a platform that enables continuous innovation delivery

Offering: Digitize, Transform, Innovate

EXA understands the value that Digital Transformation can add to a business compared to traditional software development which focuses on a given business problem.

We let you focus on identifying the critical processes and areas of your business that can be digitized by providing services which can add value in your digital journey, including:

  • AS-IS study of the existing enterprise solutions to participate and evaluate TO-BE roadmap
  • Agile engineering and requirements gathering for agile outcomes
  • System and application software architecture
  • User experience, usability and emotional adaption needs
  • Continuous deployment and continuous integration approach
  • Quality assurance & testing
  • Security
  • Application monitoring & support

Manage Scale

The key factor in transforming towards the modern and robust architecture is a company’s ability to scale and become resilient. EXA’s platform and custom application expertise helps clients achieve the desired scale and resilience through the fast response and adaptation to the new applications.

EXA’s comprehensive DevOps services can be tailored further to your organization’s need to help automate and streamline existing processes, or create new processes and manage the ongoing software development and delivery operations.

Continuous Development

EXA’s Development service enables continuous application development, integration, quality assurance, integration testing, delivery, and deployment on the cloud platform along with managed services support for running the platform & application operations. The service caters primarily to the following topics and help clients focus on their core business activities:

  • Adaptation to Cloud Native architectures (SAP cloud platform, Azure)
  • Cloud Deployment architecture and strategies.
  • Versioning, continuous deployment/integration
  • Code review tools and processes for quality assurance
  • DevOps toolchain identification, configuration and implementation
  • Continuous testing
  • Test automation (web and mobile applications)

Managed Operations

EXA’s Managed Operations service helps to provide organizations with an assured process to maintain the uptime of the running applications. The service provides support with incident management, change management, standard patch & upgrades planning and execution, 24X7 monitoring of custom application & platform components with skilled engineers.

  • Cloud Platform Hosting (SCP & Azure)
  • Proactive monitoring (PaaS & Custom Application)
  • Timely reports and process improvements with hosting partner and stakeholders
  • Disaster recovery coordination
  • PCD & CI pipeline management and support

Application Migration Service

EXA’s Cloud Platform Migration service enables organizations to take the first step towards cloud transformation. If your needs are to see the scale of adaption/increase reach of application without worrying around the costs involved in making changes in the on-premise, then hosting the existing web solutions on the SAP Cloud Platform is an answer.

EXA offers services to perform due diligence using the prerequisite of the target platform and move the existing application to work on SAP cloud infrastructure.

  • Migrating existing UI5 application hosted on SAP NetWeaver WebAS to SAP Cloud Platform
  • Fiori Launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform – Configuring the apps to work from SAP Cloud Platform
  • Running the setup with On-Premise system connected to cloud via SAP Cloud Connector

Application Development or Re-engineering Service

EXA’s re-engineering service empowers the organization to best utilize the capabilities of investments in the cloud platform by embarking on migrating high impact applications to the cloud native application.

The cloud native application enables various out-of-the-box services and features to be used in the platform which can further exploit the business use case.

Technology Expertise

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Cloud Application Architecture

EXA’s expertise with building custom solutions on both On-Premise and Cloud enables the client to build modern architecture, converting stateful application into a stateless application leveraging SAP Cloud Platform services. These designs are required for choosing the architecture that will provide total control over scalability and resilience.

The following important SCP services can be leveraged:

  • Identity management for central authorizations and security
  • Document storage service for document management of unstructured and semi-structured documents
  • Collaboration solutions (Workflow, Business rules, Portal Service, etc.)
  • Database as a service (HANA, SAP ASE)
  • Version control (GIT repository)
  • Mobile solutions (enabling native, hybrid mobile applications) – Online and Offline application
  • DevOps solutions for Neo environment (Dynatrace, Alert notification, Application lifecycle management for JAVA applications, Monitoring)

Agile and DevOps-Driven Delivery

The important aspect of cloud transformation is the agility and outcome-driven delivery approach. EXA provides the expertise in engaging, strategizing, and planning.

  • Engaging with product owners in structuring the vision and scope and selecting the right agile methodology (Scrum/Kanban/etc.)
  • Breaking down the vision and formulating the user stories and backlogs
  • Using various toolchains (Grafana, SAP Uptime, JAVA profiler, Dynatrace, GIT, JAVA Debugging tool, etc.) to manage and maintain the scale

User-driven or System-driven Application

EXA services can help design, develop, and implement tailored architectures and components based on the application type and usage. The client can leverage the UX/UI services for developing user interfaces for applications that are predominantly user-driven while engaging with optimized architecture keeping performance, parallel processing in mind for background and event-driven applications (Business process automation, IoT streaming of data, etc.).

Security & Authentication

EXA can help clients exploit the authentication and security mechanism delivered out-of-the-box with PaaS to meet the security requirements of their on-premise setup. We can help implement the following services:

  • Identity Provider Configurations
  • Use of the Identity provider add-on
  • Configuration of OAuth for service access

Why Work With Us

  • End-to-end digitization partner
    • Expertise in digital core (SAP on-premise ERP)
    • Expertise in data management
      • Collection, processing, storage
      • Big data analytics
      • Data insights, prediction
      • Data governance
    • Expertise in deriving optimization strategies via advanced analytics and looping it back to the digital core
    • Building intelligent applications – event-based, insight-based, AI & chatbots, etc.
  • Expertise in building tailored enterprise architectures, adapting and utilizing the value of SAP investments
  • Next generation technology expertise – IoT, IIoT, Analytics, mobility, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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