Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


In a globally competitive market, there is an increasing amount of pressure to manage new product introductions within very short time spans. Today’s mechatronic environment and the need for mass customization increases complexity manifold.


Consistent product data is an enabler and an important key for digitalization. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is crucial here to master these challenges and prepare your company for the future of digitalization.

The PLM solution is the foundation for product related communication and is source of information for engineering, production, sales, service and for customers as well as suppliers.


The documented benefits of SAP PLM are:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased number of product launches
  • Reduction of product lifecycle costs
  • Visibility of market potential using integrated product portfolio management
  • Savings through complete integration of engineering workflows and by streamlining the handover between R&D and manufacturing
  •  Significant reduction in administrative and commodity daily work thereby allowing to focus on actual innovation

Our predefined Solutions and Services – complementing standard SAP PLM

EXA is proud to present the following solutions already in use by well-known enterprises across the globe.