Corporate Governance

The cornerstone of EXA operations is its deep commitment to corporate governance. Our operations target the benefit of the clients and environments they operate in. The team at EXA is committed to securing the future of the company and sustainable growth through responsible governance geared to long-term value creation.

Our key corporate Governance Practices are outlined below:


The internal company policies of EXA and its dealings with its clients are governed by the German Corporate Governance Code (Codex). We strictly adhere to statutory requirements and internal company policies, for the correct implementation of the compliance program.

Governance: Executive Board and Supervisory Board

In accordance with the statutory requirements for a German stock corporation, EXA has a two-tier governance system characterized by a separation of personnel between management and supervisory sections. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board at EXA are committed to securing the future of the company and sustainable value growth through responsible governance and ensuring all policies under the Code are met satisfactorily.

Code of Conduct for Employees

The skills and motivation of our employees are essential to EXA long-term success. We are therefore committed to providing a positive and stimulating working environment, a broad range of training and development opportunities, and a performance-based compensation system to allow employees to contribute their skills in the best possible way. EXA practices a culture based on respect for all, irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, disability or age. The Code of Conduct at EXA pays a huge emphasis on ethical practices within the company and with external stakeholders.


For EXA, sustainability means strengthening the future viability of the company. Sustainability is therefore part of our day-to-day practice, firmly anchored in the company’s strategy. Sustainability management is an important cross-cutting function at EXA, enabling us to utilize business opportunities and minimize risks. Our actions are rooted in the sustainability requirements of our customers. We continuously improve our response to issues of the future such as climate protection and resource efficiency, and are constantly working to enhance our own sustainable practices, keeping in line with industry best practices on this policy.