SAP officially announced EXA as a development partner for PLC responsible for several implementations within PLC standard coding at its recent Co-Innovation Council held at the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg. EXA will work in close cooperation with the SAP PLC team in Bucharest.

EXA received a lot of praise and positive feedback for its new PLC Add-In: ‘Simulation Cockpit’, where users can choose different projects or calculations and start changing prices globally to see the overall effect for selected calculations.

Dirk Löffelbein and Kalyani Godavarti representing EXA, demonstrated how Brexit can impact existing calculations by doing a mass change on different calculation versions throughout different projects. Simply changing the plant from “UK” to “GER” within the solution showed audience that moving the production from the islands to Germany would cause a cost increase for the selected calculations. The functions and features of the PLC Add-In ‘Simulation Cockpit’ impressed customers and SAP alike.

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