Once again EXA rocked the stage at Demo Jam@TechED!

Once again EXA rocked the stage at Demo Jam@TechED! This year 2 teams from EXA lit up the stage at the Demo Jam partnering with SAP.  Team “EaseMyRide” were in the top 7 finalists AND team “Glide” were the RUNNERS UP!

This is indeed a very proud moment for all of us and believe me folks, we are now the envy of all the other SAP partners and well….most teams within SAP J. 2 years in a row EXA has been in the limelight at TechED and this has made EXA a very visible and admired brand in the ecosystem.

Glide (Runners Up)

Siju Pavithran (EXA AG) and Shailesh Velaparambil (SAP)

Glide is an app that delivers a completely fresh take on carpooling. Unlike conventional carpooling apps, Glide eliminates the pain points of commitment, detours, and waiting time while promoting social interaction. Glide runs on the SAP HANA platform and uses predictive analysis to propose routes and pickup options for you. It is designed to be hands-free for the driver and super-simple to use for commuters. Simply walk to the curb, make a request, and wait for a new friend to pick you up. With Glide it is now possible to have real-time ride sharing and take a tiny step towards saving the planet. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

EaseMyRide – An Internet of Things Solution Powered by SAP HANA
Sunil H P (EXA AG) and Neha Bansal (SAP)

EaseMyRide is a solution for regular commuters of public transport and adds value to transport companies in their business processes. It is a mobile-based application that helps commuters travel comfortably without much wait. The solution uses the Internet Of Things, and is built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It also involves integration with SAP ERP software for posting trip settlements and uses SAPUI5 technology for an intuitive interface, benefitting transport companies by enabling them to analyze the trip information.

Watch the whole event at events.sap.com
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