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EXA AG is a leading technology provider engaged in delivering customized and niche solutions in the SAP environment. It was founded in 2012 by Harald Stuckert, Dr.Hartwig Hennighausen, Divya Vir Rastogi and Uli Gellert – IT industry executives and SAP veterans. Head-quartered in Germany, EXA also has presence across Europe, USA and India.

EXA AG began with one simple aim: to give its clients the power to go above and beyond simple technology. We provide our clients across all levels of the value chain with the ability to access high-end solutions for their business processes. Each and everyone of EXA's expert consultants bring something special into the mix – their command over all the latest technologies in the Enterprise Resource Planning Sector brings in expertise that surpasses common knowledge and helps you acquire that desired edge.


The Future of Enterprise Applications

EXA project in Hasso Plattner's Keynote Presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW 2014

In his keynote presentation Hasso Plattner is discussing innovation and how SAP HANA is leading the renewal of enterprise applications. His first customer example presented on stage is an SAP and EXA co-innovation project. See the complete keynote presentation here.

SAP Demo Jam Winners - Bangalore 2013

SAP HANA based M-Tolling

EXA and SAP won the SAP Demo Jam in Bangalore 2013 with the cloud-based device-independent solution called SAP HANA based M-Tolling, which solves the problems of toll collection in India.

India and especially its big cities like Bangalore with their busy traffic are challenged by toll collection, as there exist numerous road authorities and toll roads. The collection is being realized in many diverse ways according to the different regions. Some are using region-specific automatic-toll-devices others however collect the toll manually, which leads to huge traffic holdups and delays especially during the rush hour.

EXA and SAP developed a solution to solve these problems by realizing a universal automation of the toll collection. This application is a cloud-based solution, which minimizes human effort, reduces the collection processes, saves time, costs, billing and invoicing effort and serves various infrastructure companies simultaneously. The back-end settlement process is real-time and based on SAP HANA. It therefore also allows the companies to analyze big data of nationwide commuters.

But not only the companies benefit from this solution, it also solves problems at customers’ side, as it contains a mobile applications which enables the commuters to do an up-front payment for their next trip and to pass the toll booth with the generated electronic toll ticket. This saves time and therefore ensures a smooth traffic.

Watch the video and find out more about this unique solution and its great success at the SAP Demo Jam 2013!

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