Being an SAP consultant and project manager, it is usually difficult to optimally combine your professional and private life – but not at EXA. This company gives me both a responsible job in an innovative team and maximum flexibility of my work schedule. If you are searching for an excellent Work-Life-Balance and motivating challenges, EXA is the place to be.

— Dirk Löffelbein

It’s a fantastic opportunity being part of a fast growing company. Not being stuck in global processes and hierarchies but actively contributing to the strategy and direction of a company is a great experience. Being with EXA from Day 1 and building and developing an international team of highly-qualified, innovative and motivated HANA consultants is a challenge every day, but at the end of the day everybody can be proud of what was achieved.

— Oliver Merten

I hate weekends! On Saturdays I am already looking forward to being in the office to meet my colleagues, to have a good laugh, and to grow on a personal and professional level. At EXA we work passionately, share ideas and support one another every single day. Your organization can either inspire you or it can drain you – pick it wisely!

— Poonam Kohli

It’s exciting to be part of EXA AG India. Team EXA is a group of forward looking professionals with passion and drive to succeed – every single member brings something special to the mix creating an inspiring and supportive work environment. As an HR professional, it’s wonderful to grow with the team every single day as every day is an evolution through new learning.

— Ankita Pathak


EXA AG is a leading technology provider delivering human-centric solutions in the SAP environment. EXA began with one simple aim: to give clients, across all levels of the value chain, the power to go above and beyond simple technology. We provide our clients with the ability to access high-end solutions for their business processes.

In addition to ethics and customer focus, each consultant owns core building blocks- subject matter expertise and/or a strong SAP technology skill set. This background, coupled with our experience in handling complex challenges, ensures business outcomes at an optimum cost.

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